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In a hectic bee season, it can sometimes be difficult to find sameday service. However, we offer very flexible solutions to resolve your current bee issues!

Call before 4pm for the best chance at same day service. Emergency/after hours calls can be handled with an additional fee.

No Chemicals...Ever

We don't use any harsh chemicals in the process of removing bees. We take a very hands on approach to removing bees and do so without putting any harmful chemicals in the environment!

In SoCal? We Got You Covered

We cover all areas around and IN San Diego. We don't let location prevent us from offering our great live bee removal services.

Rain or shine, we'll make it out to you if you need us!

We Are a One-Stop Shop For All Bee Removal Services

What More Could You Ask For?

JR Bees is a locally owned and operated live bee removal company run by a California Master Beekeeper. JR Bees specializes in live bee removals but can also handle wasps and hornet nests. No chemicals are used and the most stress-free, hands-on removal techniques are utilized to safely relocated honey bees back to JR Bees registered apiaries. We are more than bee removal technicians, we are beekeepers! 


Work with a California Master Beekeeper an get your bees taken care of correctly the first time!


Don't hire someone that could pose as a liability on your property.

Bee removal services don't always go smoothly (but they do for us) but in case we get injured, you are not held responsible! We are insured and ready to use our coverage if needed!


At JR Bees we obtain all the legal documentation to provide live bee removal services so you don't have to worry about legalities, business write-offs, or any of that scary stuff!

Same Day

Your bee is a problem today, we get it. Let's get it resolved today! We offer same day services if you call before 4pm PST.

Hire fast and reliable live bee removal services today!

We're waiting to safely remove the bees on your property for you so you don't have to worry about it any longer.


So You Want Your Own Hive?

If you’re looking to adopt your own local rescue beehive, then you’ve come to the right place. J R Bees has partnered with another locally based small “bee-based” business called You Me and the Bees, LLC, and they are happy to get you set up with everything you need! Whether you are looking to learn alongside a more experienced beekeeper and eventually take over caring for your own hive, or you have no intentions of ever opening that buzzing box, they can cater to your needs/desires!   What is the difference between adopting a local rescue hive and purchasing an imported package of bees?? There are lots of variables to consider when it comes down to selecting the bees you want to populate your hive. As with most any topic in beekeeping, there are many different opinions on the matter and this is just mine. I am a strong believer in keeping things local, and I believe this should apply to our bees as well. Local honeybees are more adapted to the regions climates, pests, diseases, and in my experience are more successful foragers in slower months. There are risks to both sides of this issue, local bees can be slightly more apt to swarm or become aggressive. Imported bees can bring disease in from other states, the transportation stresses and weakens the colonies, and they are less resistant to the local pests, viruses and diseases. What to do if your hive becomes aggressive or show signs or swarming? You just read in the above paragraph that one of the risks to having local bees are the possibility of the hive becoming aggressive. This sounds like a pretty serious and it is but don’t let that deter you yet! Temperament is something that is noted during every hive inspection and you can trust that if your hive starts to exhibit aggressive behavior You Me and the Bees, LLC will quickly re-queen your hive with a locally bred queen with a much better attitude! Helpful Links:
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