The issue of bee decline is becoming more common knowledge but there are ways you can help! Even if you don’t want to put a bee hive in your back yard, you can still have an great impact on bee health and population by making the right choices in your gardens. Planting native flowers and avoiding the use of chemical insecticides such as, neonicotinoids are great ways that most anyone can help out. Another great way to help the local bee population is to call for a live removal any time you or someone you know experiences a bee hive or swarm infestation rather than an exterminator.

As a live bee removal professional, I can tell you firsthand my clients are always pleased to be able to observe and learn as I remove all of the bees and comb from they property. I hear things like, “I wish I had done that the last time we had bees!”and “Im so glad I didn’t call someone who would just come out and kill them!”. If you choose live removal you may end up with a nice tasty slab of honey comb straight out of the nuisance hive, where as if you choose to exterminate you end up with some left over poisons. The other issue with having a beehive exterminated is the fact that the comb is left behind to rot and this encourages other pests such as rodents and wax moths. The remaining beeswax and propolis produce a pheromone that attracts scout bees looking to establish a new hive, thus making the chance of a bee hive returning to this same spot much higher.