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California Master Beekeeper (Apprentice Level)

One of the things I love most about beekeeping is complexity of it. There is always more to learn, between queen rearing, honey production, pollination services, and bee breeding you could spend a lifetime trying to master any and all of these niches. This felt especially true this September when I journeyed up to UC Davis to…..

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Are Honeybees Endangered?

As a beekeeper and someone who is around bees and beehives daily, I am often asked about the bee decline and one of the things I hear people mentioning that bees need help since they are endangered. I just wanted to shed some light and clarity on the topic. Are honeybees endangered? No. There are over…..

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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!

When you think about boxing the last thing that probably comes to mind is bees, and when you think about beekeeping you probably don’t think much about Muhammed Ali’s classic quote, “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!“. J R Bees is determined to bring the bee sting back to boxing, we are a…..

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Save the Bees!

The issue of bee decline is becoming more common knowledge but there are ways you can help! Even if you don’t want to put a bee hive in your back yard, you can still have an great impact on bee health and population by making the right choices in your gardens. Planting native flowers and…..

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So You Want Your Own Hive?

If you’re looking to adopt your own local rescue beehive, then you’ve come to the right place. J R Bees has partnered with another locally based small “bee-based” business called You Me and the Bees, LLC, and they are happy to get you set up with everything you need! Whether you are looking to learn…..

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Here Comes Swarm Season!

For most people the springtime is a time for things like spring cleaning, flowers blooming, and the weather taking a pleasant turn. It is a waking time from the slow months of winter, and many creatures eagerly await its arrival. Beekeepers know this season as “Swarm Season”. Honey Bees, like many other insects and animals…..

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